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Studying abroad can be one of the highlights of your university career.  You will have wonderful and challenging experiences that will allow you to grow both academically and personally and prepare you to compete in today's globalizing world.  But we know that planning for this experience can be daunting, so we have assembled these guidelines to help get you started.  The most important thing to remember is that the UA Education Abroad office is here to help you every step of the way.

Choosing a Program

Questions to Consider when choosing a program:
  • Why do I want to go abroad?
  • What subject areas do I want to study?
  • Do I need to fulfill any academic requirements abroad?
  • What is my foreign language ability? Do I speak another language and do I want to use that language abroad?
  • What country or region of the world appeals most to me?
  • Would I rather live in an urban or rural location?
  • Would I prefer to live with a host family or in a dorm or student apartment?
  • What year do I want study to abroad (sophomore, junior, senior)?
  • How long would I like my program to last (semester, year, summer, internship, mini-term)
  • How will I pay for my study abroad experience?
  • Do I need financial assistance?

Steps to Take
Program Types
How to Apply
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