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Study Abroad Study abroad
Steps to Take
1.  Read over the UA Study Abroad website and schedule an advising appointment.

Browse general information about the many programs available, how the process works at UA, and guidance on where to begin your study abroad journey. Then, call our office at 205-348-5256 to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor and discuss the study abroad options that are best for you.

2.  Research UA Study Abroad programs.

A complete list of pre-approved study abroad programs may be found on this website by selecting the "Find a Program" link at the top of this page.

Additional information is available in the Education Abroad office (135 B.B. Comer) as well as from the program providers' websites.

While researching programs, consider the following: eligibility requirements, location, course offerings, costs (and what is included).

There are several additional considerations in researching programs which may include but are not be limited to: visa requirements, language of instruction and language requirements, academic structure (instructions styles, class times, grades scale, etc.), exchange rates, climate, transportation options, internet accessibility, size/population of city and/or university, excursions, general safety and security, housing options, personal preferences.

This is a good time for applicants to meet with their faculty advisor for assistance in selecting a program based on courses related to their degree. Applicants should ask their faculty advisor to run a Degree Works audit to determine remaining degree requirements. Faculty advisors may contact the UA Study Abroad office with any questions related to programs abroad.

3.  Complete the UA Study Abroad Application

The UA Study Abroad Application can be accessed by clicking the "Apply Now" button from the brochure page of a selected program on this website.

Before the application can be reviewed and accepted, all the questionnaires must be completed and all the signature documents signed. Applicants are notified of application approval by email.

Only one application per applicant will be accepted per term. Applicants submitting multiple applications should rank their applications based on which program they prefer first.
Applicants to exchange and affiliate programs will have an additional admissions application to complete.

Depending on the program, applicants may be required to complete a Course Equivalency Form (CEF) as part of their UA Study Abroad Application. This form is required to insure courses abroad will meet degree requirements. The CEF will be completed by the applicant and the Student Service Representative (SSR) in their college of enrollment. The way a course transfers does not necessarily reflect the applicability of the credit to a degree program. The applicability is determined by department. Applicants should meet with a faculty advisor to determine applicability of credits earned abroad.

4.  Attend your Country-specific Session

Applicants to UA Faculty Led summer group programs should see their program director for any questions related specifically to the program but an advising appointment is not necessarily required.

Applicants to exchange and affiliate programs will be contacted by their study abroad advisor to schedule their advising appointment mid-way through the semester. These group advising appointments will be specific to each program and will cover such things as cultural norms, cultural adjustment, student expectations, preparation for the semester, etc. If students have specific questions for their advisors regarding the application or program, they can see their advisor during walk-in advising.

5.  Complete Pre-Departure Requirements

Each student going abroad will be required to watch a series of pre-departure videos and take tests on each session. A score of 80% on each session is required in order for the pre-departure requirement to be fulfilled.

The pre-departure video sessions will cover information about registration and enrollment, billing and aid, health and safety, security, behavioral expectations, and travelling abroad.

6.  Go Abroad

There are a few items in the UA Study Abroad Application to complete while abroad. Applicants should refer back to their application to make sure everything is complete.

We want students to have fun and enjoy their host country but their academic performance is vital to their success on the program. Attendance for all courses and participation for program activities is expected.

7.  Return Home

Once students have returned from their study abroad program, the journey is not over! There are a number of ways to get involved on campus and share their stories with the UA student body. Please refer to our Alumni page for a list of ways to get involved and for the latest information on exciting events for returned students.

And of course, students can always study abroad again!
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