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Global Studies Certificate Program

Undergraduate Certificate Program (total 15 credit hours)
Global Studies Certificate
Requirements & List of Courses
Application for Program Verification of Completion

Goals of the program for the UA Student:
  • Gain greater global awareness.
  • Approach coursework from a global perspective.
  • Enhance employability and resume with this added academic credential.

Course Requirements:

Core Requirement—9 hours
  • CIP 200/202 Introduction to Global Studies (3 credit hours; humanities)
AND 2 of the following courses:
  • ANT 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (SB)
  • GY 105 World Regional Geography (SB) OR GY 110 Principles of Human Geography (SB)
  • IHP 105 Culture & Human Experience (SB)
  • REL 100 Introduction to Religious Studies (HI) OR REL 102 Religions of the World (HU)
  • SOC 101 Introduction to the Sociology (SB)
With permission from the Global Studies Certificate Advisor, upper level courses may be substituted for the 100-level courses above.
*Core requirements should be taken prior to emphasis area courses. Ideally, CIP 200/202 will be the first core course taken.

Emphasis Area Courses—6 hours
Choose from over 50 international content courses across the disciplines, including numerous study abroad courses offered in summer, interim, and exchange programs.

For advising please contact:

Frannie James at

For additional information and general questions please contact:

Megan Wagner at the Capstone International Center at
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