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Much like when you first arrived in your host country, you may experience culture shock when you return home. Many students look forward to coming home and expect that everything will have remained the same while they were away. Your expectations and reality will probably be different. You have changed, faced challenges, experienced another culture, and learned the positives and negatives of your own culture. Do not be surprised if many of your friends and family do not understand the experience you have had and do not demonstrate the level of interest in your semester or year abroad that you had expected. Re-entry or reverse culture shock is often overlooked or dismissed because few expect problems readjusting to life at home. But it is real, and you are not alone.

Top 10 Re-Entry Frustrations
  • Boredom
  • No one wants to hear about this!
  • It’s hard to explain
  • Reverse culture shock
  • Previous relationships have changed
  • People see the “wrong” changes and may be critical of the new you
  • People misunderstand if I adopt elements of my host culture; they misinterpret my behavior
  • Feelings of alienation; seeing home with critical eyes
  • Inability to apply new knowledge and skills
  • Fear of losing the experience, like storing it away in a souvenir box that we only occasionally look into.

We can help you readjust! Please let us know if you are experiencing symptoms of reverse culture shock and we will assist you in making a soft landing in Alabama!
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