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To:                           Current and Potential Study Abroad Program Directors
From:                       Education Abroad
Subject:                    Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Request for Approval Process 

Thank you for your interest in leading a study abroad program at The University of Alabama.  The Education Abroad office is committed to providing a wide range of programs that align with the academic mission of the University and increase access to study abroad opportunities for all students. International faculty-led programs provide a unique opportunity to enhance UA curricula. To assist with gaining formal approval, and in planning for your program, the Education Abroad office has modeled the approval process on the recommendations of the The Forum on Education Abroad Standards of Good Practice for Short-Term Education Abroad Programs. This process, once successfully completed, will not only enable your program to be approved, but will also serve as a tool in the on-going management of your program.

New Study Abroad Program Proposals
  • Submit a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Request for Approval form by January 25th  in order to obtain approval for a program for the following year. (i.e. January 25th, 2016 deadline for new programs running in 2017). Program approvals are to be submitted 18 months in advance to allow adequate time for the approval process, planning and recruitment of the program.

  1. Read the Guide to Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs.
  2. Submit a paper copy of complete approval packet to Education Abroad (Box 870254).
  3. Email a scanned electronic copy of the complete packet to A complete approval packet includes:
    • Completed Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Request for Approval
    • Completed Budget (email the excel file)
    • Signed Academic Endorsements
      • Directors signature, department chair, and Dean's signature are all required.
      • Programs with two faculty proposing from different department require signatures from both department chairs.
      • If Honors designation, a signature is required by the Honors College and the faculty member’s home department
  4. After Approval: Participate in the Spring Faculty Director Workshop (Risk Management/Budget Training).
  5. After Approval: Submit Destination Description (1 month prior to departure).

Existing Programs that have already been officially approved:
Existing faculty-led programs are required to complete the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Update and submit a new budget by October 1.

Once a program has been approved, it will not have to seek approval every year. Only a program update, updated budget, and destination description are required. A new proposal is required if a program has not run for the past two years due to under-enrollment or other circumstances, or if there have been significant changes to the program (for example, country change, etc.). 

Faculty Led Pre-Departure Orientation Sample
The following is sample Pre-Departure Powerpoint for faculty led programs. You may use this template and edit as you see fit.
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