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2016 Education Abroad Photo Contest Winners
Thank you to all who participated by submitting photos and voting in this year's contest. To see the finalists in each category, go to the Photo Albums on our Facebook page. Congratulations to the winners!

1st Place: Danielle Whitehurst
Title: “Espejo”
Location: Patagonia, Chile
Study Abroad Program: USAC Chile
2nd place:
Mary Kathryn Carpenter
Title: “Capri”
Location: Capri, Italy
Study Abroad Program: UA in Italy: Language & Culture
3rd place:
Sterling Porter
Title: “Plaza de Espana”
Location: Seville, Spain
Study Abroad Program: CEA Seville

1st place: Mackenzie Senogles
Title: “Las Fogueras”
Location: Alicante, Spain
Study Abroad Program: USAC Spain
2nd place:
Lucy Eilken
Title: “Ethiopian Girl”
Location: Gumeze Region, Ethiopia
Study Abroad Program: UA Healthcare Mission: Ethiopia
3rd place:
Elizabeth Hartzog
Title: “Playa Giron Beaches”
Location: Havana, Cuba
Study Abroad Program: UA in Cuba: Engineering

1st place: Jianlong Yang
Title: “Roll Tide”
Location: University Boulevard (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
2nd place:
Jianlong Yang
Title: “We were here”
Location: Denny Chimes, The Quad (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
3rd place:
Xiaozhi Shao
Title: “UA Game Day”
Location: The Quad (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)


1st place: Olivia Boswell
Title: “Blue Skies Here, Too”
Location: Mykonos, Greece
Study Abroad Program: CEA Florence
2nd place:
Emily Di Valerio
Title: “Big Al above the Rainforest Canopy”
Location: Cape Coast, South Africa
Study Abroad Program: UA in Ghana: Global Health
3rd place:
Amanda Boornazian
Title: “Rolling on top of the world”
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Study Abroad Program: Arcadia Internship


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